Spotlight Breed Golden Retriever

Spotlight Breed: Golden Retriever

One of the many reasons why the doggie would is so interesting is that there are so many different breeds!  Just like humans, each breed has its own unique personality.  Check back every week where we will feature a new and exciting breed!  The Spotlight Breed this week is the Golden Retriever!

The Golden Retriever happens to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States!  This breed is known for being friendly, loyal and intelligent.  Golden’s are well-rounded dogs.  They are good at sniffing out contraband for law enforcement, therapy and agility.  They are also very easy to train as they catch on quickly!

The average height of a Golden Retriever is 21 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder with their weight being 55 to 75 pounds.  This type of breed is made for daily exercise.  They love a good walk or jog, free time in the yard, a swim (they love the water!) or even a game of fetch.  Since Golden Retrievers are made for the active lifestyle, it is crucial that their owners are as well!

Here are a few facts about Golden Retrievers:

  1. They love to eat! It is important that they are not overfed as they are prone to becoming overweight.
    2. They are family dogs who love to be a part of the “pack”. Owners should include them as much as possible!
    3. They are known to shed…A LOT!!!  Daily brushing will get some of the loose hair out of the coat, but you’ll have to get used to a lot of dog hair if you live with a Golden!