Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas 

Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas 

Just because it is Summer doesn’t always mean the weather will always be sunny and beautiful.  There are days where it may rain which means muddy paws are coming your way!  There is not much that you can do about it.  However, when the weather stands in your way, you can play inside with these indoor dog exercising ideas.

Name That Toy – Gather a selection of your dog’s favorite toys.  Make sure that they are noticeably different!  Hold a toy up one at a time for your dog to see and sniff.  Build excitement and throw the toy.  Name that toy and when they bring it back to you, award them with a treat.

Hallway Fetch – Bring the game of fetch inside the house!  Stand at one end of the hallway (or a larger room) with your dog and toss the ball to the other end.  Give them lots of praise when they bring the ball back to you.

Hide and Seek – Begin by having your dog stay in a room.  Then you will quietly go hide in another room.  In an enthusiastic tone, call their name and give the come command.  Celebrate when your dog finds you!

These indoor activities prove that you do not need to worry if the weather isn’t cooperating!  Keeping your dog in shape with physical games and mental exercises can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Do not let the weather rain on your parade!