How to Remove Urine from Bedding 

How to Remove Urine from Bedding 

Even though accidents may occur along the way, we can’t help but to love our four-legged friends. One of the accidents that may occur is a dog urinating on bedding. Think of items such as cotton sheets, down comforters, and even pillows. A thorough cleaning is essential if you want to avoid throwing away your bedding. We are here to help with some solutions!

Foremost, it is important to check the labels. Items like down comforters and high-quality cotton sheets can be expensive to replace. Ensure that you are paying close attention to the cleaning restrictions. You may run into the fact that some of these items require dry cleaning.

If you can spot clean yourself, the first step is to identify the area where the urine is located. Then you will blot as much of the wetness as possible with absorbent white paper towels. The best thing you can do is utilize an enzymatic urine-removing cleaning fluid. You can place the fluid in a bowl and soak the portion of the bedding that is stained. Rinse, dry, smell, and repeat if necessary.

Is your bedding washable? If so, you can move on to a different step after spot treatment and enzymatic cleaning. You may wash the bedding on delicate cycles with a mild detergent in warm water. If you can line-dry the bedding, do so instead of a dryer. This will allow for less wear and tear on the bedding. Tip: you may also visit a laundromat if your washer is too small for your bedding.

It is important to consider future protection. To protect against future soiling of your bedding, we recommend that you invest in a waterproof comforter cover. In the event of an accident in the future, you should be able to remove and wash the cover without doing permanent damage to the bedding. Obviously, another alternative is to keep your dog off your need. This will prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.