Fast Food Menu Items for Dogs Learn More!

Fast Food Menu Items for Dogs? Learn More!

In recent years, fast food chains have gone out of their way to make sure that they offer something for everybody.  However, are you thinking outside of the box when it comes to dogs?  You may be surprised to learn that many fast-food chains have “secret” items for all our furry friends!  Here is a list of some of our favorites which we have encountered:

  • Dairy Queen – Stop on by and ask for a “pup cup”! They will hand you a small serving of soft-serve vanilla ice cream for your pup.  Please be advised that ice cream is just a treat which shouldn’t be given often!
  • In-N-Out Burger – Go to the counter and mention that you want a “pup patty”. This is a plain, salt-free burger patty.  Your dog will go crazy!
  • Shake Shack – Ask for a “Bag O’ Bones”. This includes five specialty made dog biscuits. Yum!
  • Sonic – They have been known to have dog treats on hand. Be sure to ask and receive a special surprise!
  • Tim Hortons – “Sugar-Free Timbits” are great if you want to treat your pup with something new.