Why Does My Dog Love My Pillow

Why Does My Dog Love My Pillow?

You have probably seen your dog lay on your pillow a time or two.  Have you ever wondered why?  There are quite a few reasons as to why your dog loves your pillow.  We hope that it will make more sense to you after our article. You may think that it is annoying when your dog jumps on the bed with you and hogs the pillows.  Do not look at it this way though!  It’s comforting to sleep on your pillow and it also yields a sense of protection.


  1. Your dog may feel insecure. A pillow is the perfect thing for your dog as it provides comfort. Keep in mind that the pillow will also smell like you so that really adds a lot of ease to our furry friends.  Dogs want to be close to their owners when they are not home so it makes sense that they would navigate to the bed or couch to make them more relaxed.


  1. It’s comfortable! Just as us humans enjoy pillows in our beds, dogs also feel the same way. They are soft and fluffy while providing the most perfect napping spot.  The overall softness of the pillow allows for longer and comfortable sleep through the day and night.


  1. It’s a protection thing. Your dog just might get on your pillow to protect you during the time that you are asleep. If you let your dog sleep in bed with you, then you will notice this protective behavior more. Your dog will feel like they need to protect you when you are vulnerable, such as when you are sleeping or laying down.