Why is My Dog Licking Its Paws 

Why is My Dog Licking Its Paws? 

Dogs licking their paws is more common than you think. Licking paws on occasion is part of a dog’s grooming routine. However, you may wonder what it means when your dog licks their paws excessively. Unfortunately, this behavior could indicate a behavioral problem or health concern. Continue reading on to learn more.

Below is a list of common reasons your dog may be licking its paws.

Growth or Abscess – There may be an abnormal lump, growth, or abscess on your dog’s paw, causing them to lick at it. Keep in mind that any growth or abscess will need immediate veterinarian attention. The worst case is that your dog will have a cyst or tumor requiring additional diagnostics.

Injury – Has your dog started licking its paw all of a sudden? If so, it may have an injury. Check your dog’s paw for foreign objects, cuts, scrapes, torn nails, or blisters. Specific injuries will require veterinary attention.

Food Allergies – Did you know that some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients such as dairy, chicken, beef, wheat, or soy? Food allergens can cause your dog to lick its paws.

Parasites – Mites or fleas can cause paws and other areas to be itchy.

Dermatitis – Environmental allergies can cause skin irritation (dermatitis). Your dog may be sensitive to weeds, grasses, yard chemicals, or dust. Therefore, keeping your dog’s paws clean is crucial, especially after being outdoors for extended periods.

Behavioral Issues – Your veterinarian may have ruled out health-related issues causing excessive paw licking. You must consider behavioral problems at this point. Boredom or anxiety may cause your dog to lick their paws.

Now you should understand why your dog is licking its paws excessively. Remember that a health concern or a behavioral problem can cause this behavior. Consult your veterinarian to determine the cause. They will provide tips and a potential treatment plan to help your dog eliminate the behavior.