What is Rally Obedience?

What is Rally Obedience/Rally O!?  Most folks look at you with a blank stare when you mention this wonderful obedience based exercise.  Somewhat derived from agility, courses are designed to work dog and handler in obedience exercises set up by a station.  (Usually a cone, and can include 12-20 stations).

Each station gives instructions to dog and handler to perform specific exercises such as sit, stay, down and heel position. More advanced students will require jumps and precise exercises. Hot Dog On A Leash utilizes the “focus” training theory with an emphasis on keeping this fun (or a game) for you and your furry friend.

This is an exceptionally great way to utilize your obedience training and sharpen your dog’s skills.  It is also a wonderful way to work into traditional competition obedience as the handler is allowed to clap, whistle, talk or even sing to their dog!  It is highly recommended for shy or anti-social dogs and a wonderful alternative should you decide agility is not going to be your favorite sport.  Hot Dog On A Leash is ready to teach you the fun and challenging sport of Rally-O!