What Happens to My Pet If I Pass Away 

What Happens to My Pet If I Pass Away? 

When a pet’s owner passes away, decisions must be made for the pets left behind.  Ideally, the pet will continue to live in the same home with surviving relatives.  However, this may not always be an option, especially if it is a single pet owner.  There are many options that we will outline below which will ensure the best for your pet’s future.

If the pet owner lives alone with the pet, they might be moved to a new home.  The owner should plan for the care of the pet(s) in the event of the owner’s death.  The owner’s wishes can either be part of a will or simply included in written instructions left with a trusted friend or family member.  Keep in mind that only a will can provide legal assurance that the owner’s wishes for the pet will be followed.

Some pet owners may want to create a trust to ensure the care of their pet by allocating money specifically for the care of the pet after the owner’s death.  Each state has different laws regarding pet trusts, but pets are always considered property under the law.  Ownership would transfer according to relevant estate laws regarding property.

It is crucial to prepare a caregiver for your pet to receive the best care.  Pet owners should provide the name of a designated person to the pet’s veterinarian so that person will be able to continue medical care for the pet after the owner’s death. Pet insurance can also help ease the financial burdens on the new caregiver associated with this care.  It can be difficult to acknowledge the possibility of something unexpected happening.  Regardless of the difficulty, it is important that your four-legged friends are well taken care of and given the best life in the event of your absence.