Spotlight Breed Akita

Spotlight Breed: Akita

Our Spotlight Breed of the week is the Akita!  If we had to sum of this breed in three words, they would be courageous, dignified and loyal.  Akita’s are quiet and careful dogs.  They are often wary of strangers, but they have no problem sharing their silly, affectionate side with family and friends.  They thrive on human companionship and work hard to protect those they love.

The Akita is not generally a highly active breed, but they do require moderate exercise, nonetheless.  A jog or brisk walk around the block a few times a day can meet the needs of the Akita.  Surprisingly, this breed does well in relatively small homes.  They were bred as housedogs and guardians as well as hunters and adapt well to life inside the home.

Akita’s are super intelligent and loyal, but they possess an independent, headstrong nature.  It is important that this breed is trained consistently, beginning in the early puppy stages.  Socialization is super important as they are bred to be instinctive guardians.  They must learn to accept strangers and not perceive them as a threat.  Akita’s tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, often of the same sex. Owners must use extreme caution during canine interactions.

All in all, the Akita is a great breed if you are looking to adopt a fun, intelligent and loyal dog!  As seen on a sign: “Welcome to my home. The door you just opened was closed for your protection. NOT MINE!”