Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

When looking for a new place to set foot with your four-legged friend, it’s a good idea to research the overall environment.  As we all know, owning a pet comes with some obstacles, however, living in a pet-friendly city can ease stress along the way!  With, we would like to share our research with you regarding the most pet-friendly cities in the United States.

  • San Diego – Can you say sunny paradise? This city is known for the annual dog surfing competition at Loews Coronado Bay in addition to the pristine dog parks around the area.  Not to mention, with just a short 30-minute hike up north, you will find Hot Dog on a Leash in Carlsbad.


  • Dallas – Enjoy a meal with your pup! This city provides a handful of patio dining options for your next pet date.  Chelsea Corner is known for their 2,500 square foot pet-friendly patio featuring cozy couches, picnic tables, and shady umbrellas.  Talk about an oasis!


  • Louis – This is the heart of the Midwest. This city has dozens of pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks, walking trails, and attractions.  Your dog will never get bored in St. Louis!


  • Portland – Dog parks galore! This city has 30+ dog parks, which sets the record for any other city in the country.  Not only that, but Portland is very walkable.  This is an ideal spot for an active lifestyle!


  • Denver – Nature at its finest. This city features several hiking options that you and your dog can enjoy!  In fact, there are services where your dog is picked up throughout the day, taken on a hike (various endurance levels), and finished with a bath and towel-dry service.  Wow!


  • Seattle – This is truly a “dog world”. According to research, locals in this city have more dogs than children!  What makes Seattle interesting is that it offers kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals for you and your dog.