Foundation Training. The building blocks to your Dogs Life

Foundation Training. The building blocks to your Dogs Life

Do you want to give your dog the best start in life? The most important thing when train your puppy is to teach him that the best thing in the world is doing fun things for you.

Before starting specific agility training, build a strong relationship with your dog by getting to know him, playing with him and just spending time together. Want to know what your dog likes best, so you know how to reward him. How fun getting to know him every day.

Doing some basic training with your dog will give you the perfect chance to get to know him even better into spend some quality time together.The skills you can teach your dog just by playing some fun games will make your life together so much easier in the long run. Teaching your dog to calm down when needed and helping him to become familiar with different sounds and services, for example will help your dog prepare for many of life’s challenges

What we really like about the basic training exercises that you can do most of them anywhere, and your living room, yard, you don’t need to agility  obstacles or a training ring to train your dog.

Foundation training with your pet will prepare him for more intermediate or advanced training or even service dog training. Just remember your pet wants a job to do and keeping him engaged and stimulated will build a better bond between you and your pet.

Call Hot Dog On A Leash to enroll your dog in Foundations 101 or Puppy  kindergarten class and explore a new world of training opportunities for your dog today.