How to Make Your Dog the Perfect Travel Companion 

How to Make Your Dog the Perfect Travel Companion 

Did you know that a dog is one of the best travel companions that you can have?  Your dog enjoys the ride and breathtaking views of nature – just as much as you do!  To ensure that you and your dog make the most of your road time, teach your dog about the joys of car travel.

We recommend that you start off by running some quick errands with your four-legged friend.  Perhaps errands which do not require you to leave the car (think about drive thru experiences, curbside pickups, etc..)  Running errands with your dog will also teach them that every car ride doesn’t have to end up at the veterinarian or boarding facility.

It may be time to plan for a longer trip with your pup!  To prepare for this you will need to pack a separate bag for your dog.  Be sure to include a supply of food, water, snacks, dishes, bedding, toys, and any medication.  Regardless of where they sit in the car (front or back seat), you will need to keep an eye out on the positioning to ensure that they are comfortable along the way.

Stop every few hours to stretch and take a potty break.  Don’t forget about the water…they will need it!  It is important to pay close attention to the surroundings when you stop for a break.  For example, there may be a rabbit running around at a rest stop.  If your dog has any sort of wanderlust traits, they will be off in a jiffy!  Teach your dog to wait before jumping in and out of the car.

One final suggestion is to not allow your dog to hang their head outside the car window.  The wind and dust can cause their eyes to become dry, and flying debris can cause fatal injury.  Your dog should ride in a sitting or lying position, inside the car, safely strapped in by their harness (or even in a dog crate).