Dog Sleeping Positions

Dog Sleeping Positions

Have you ever noticed that your dog sleeps in the same position at night?  Oddly enough, sleep positions rely heavily on breed, surroundings, and personality!  We wanted to speak about the most popular sleep positions and what they mean.

  • Superman – This is a position where your dog lays on their stomach with legs stretched out behind them and arms stretched out in front of them. Take a vision of Superman and this position will make more sense to you!  Common breeds that tend to sleep in this position include terriers, chihuahuas, and puppies!  The superman position also allows your dog to cool down on a hot summer day.


  • Sprawler – This is a position where your dog sleeps on its back with all four paws up in the air. If you ever see your dog sleeping in this position, it means that they are super comfortable and secure in their surroundings.  Since sprawlers are sleeping on their backs, they are applying pressure to their spines.  Be sure they have enough cushion to prevent backaches.


  • Donut – This is a position where your dog will burrow first and then curl up as tight as they can. Dog breeds with shorter hair tend to sleep in this position as it helps keep them warm, safe and secure.


  • Side Sleeper – This is a position where your dog will sleep on its side with all four legs extended. Dogs who sleep in this position are usually relaxed, comfortable, and trust their surroundings.  Your dog may also try and utilize a pillow while sleeping in this position.

All the sleeping positions which have been described tell a story about your dog.  Proper bedding and cushioning will provide an even better sleeping experience for your dog!