Dog Laws

Dog Laws

Did you know that there are federal and state laws associated with dogs that keep the public and dogs safe? Yes, it’s true. Many situations that involve pets yield strong emotions from everyone involved. We will discuss various laws regarding dogs in this article.

Dog Vaccination Laws – States differ regarding vaccination laws for your dog, but your veterinarian will know what is required. Vaccinations for rabies are usually mandatory regardless of the state in which you reside.

“Pick Up After Your Pet” Laws – Did you know that you can be cited for not picking up after your pet after they go potty? Some states require you to appear in court and pay a fine.

Animal Shelter & Adoption Discrimination – Shelters do not have the right to review your home, lifestyle, family, or job to determine if you are a good fit for the animal. For example, deciding not to adopt a dog from a low-income family is illegal.

Faulty Pet Products or Food – Pet food must be safe, sanitary, and labeled accurately. Furthermore, the food must be free of harmful chemicals. Consumer protection laws cover pet food.

Animal Hoarding Laws – This law varies by state or city. Perhaps having ten pets could be considered hoarding, but specific locations do not have a problem if the animals are being taken care of.

Burying Laws – Most states require your deceased pet to be buried or cremated within 24-48 hours. Some states may even ban burying pets on your property.

The abovementioned laws are just a handful of the many laws regarding pets. Dog laws are very complex and may require thorough research and legal advice. Cases could involve civil or criminal laws, personal injury, property laws, or protection laws. Remember, every state is different, so we encourage you to research the laws in your area