Why Does My Dog Get Into the Trash

Why Does My Dog Get Into the Trash?

Have you ever wondered why dogs try to open and scavenge through trash and kitchen bins? There are a few obvious reasons why dogs do this, which will be outlined in this article. The good news is that your dog can be trained not to partake in this behavior. We will provide some helpful tips as well!

Hunger – The most obvious reason why your dog wants to get into the trash is because it is hungry. Remember that dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Dogs may be able to smell leftover food and other non-perishable items with food odors. Tip: Make the necessary changes to your dog’s diet so that it is less interested in leftovers in the trash. You may have to change the frequency you give your dog their food.

Stress or Anxiety – Dogs that like to dive into the trash can often have issues related to stress and anxiety. Does your dog try to get into the trash can when you are not around? The stress of being alone may result in this type of destruction. Tip: Thankfully, there are many ways to relieve your dog’s stress and anxiety! Introducing puzzles and food-release toys will work wonders.

Easy Access – You might be making it too easy for your dog to get into the trash! You need to think twice about where you are placing the trash bin. Furthermore, you may want a trash bin your dog cannot easily open. The good thing about these bins is that they also help prevent food odors. Tip: Place the trash bin in a secure closet or pantry while away from the house. This will prevent access altogether.

We hope that you understand why dogs try to get into the trash. Use our recommendations to avoid the problem. Waste can be toxic, and watching what your dog eats is extremely important. Do not take the chance!