Why Do People Steal Dogs

Why Do People Steal Dogs?

Pet theft is a global problem. Reports show that an estimated two million pets worldwide are taken annually, and the number continues to rise as time goes by. You may be wondering why people steal dogs, to begin with. There are many reasons why and will explore those with you throughout this article.

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons people steal dogs is to use them as bait dogs to train other dogs to fight. To no surprise, Pitbulls are among the most common breeds stolen for these activities since people perceive them as more aggressive than other breeds. Money is also a common reason for pet theft. Dog thieves often take purebreds and designer breeds to resell for profit. Did you know that purebred dogs can go for thousands of dollars? Reward money may also be an option. People steal dogs in hopes that the pet parent will post a reward for the dog. They will return the dog and claim the money.

Furthermore, dog thieves steal dogs to use them for breeding purposes. Think about it. Dogs can produce as many as 15 pups per litter. Breeding can yield significant profits. Let’s not forget about theft due to personal reasons. It is common for people to steal pets from others due to personal matters. For example, an ex-spouse may steal a dog to obtain ownership.

It doesn’t matter why people steal dogs. What matters is keeping your dog safe to prevent being stolen. Ensure that your dog is microchipped, keep them indoors unless they are supervised outside, and never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. Avoid becoming a victim of pet theft.