Best Dog Breeds for Studio Apartments 

Best Dog Breeds for Studio Apartments 

Contrary to belief, most dogs don’t need a big lawn to run in. Most dogs are content in a studio apartment, which is a unit consisting of a living area, kitchen, and bathroom. As long as you have a place for a pet bed, food and water bowls, and toys, you should be fine. We created a list of some of the best dog breeds for studio apartments. Did your four-legged friend make the cut? Continue reading to find out!

Bulldog – A large place isn’t required of this breed because they always love to curl up in your lap. However, bulldogs must receive adequate exercise. Plan to spend some extra time outside!

Pug – This dog breed is considered a “toy” breed. They are easy-going and do not require a ton of space.

Bichon Frise – This breed is an actual city dog! They are curious and confident and will fit comfortably in a studio apartment.

Chihuahua – This small dog can be the perfect companion in a small apartment space. However, keep in mind that the breed loves to bark. Your neighbors would appreciate a trained Chihuahua that can keep quiet!

Havanese – This breed typically weighs anywhere from seven to 13 pounds. The Havanese adapts well to new surroundings, so you shouldn’t have any issues with them in a studio apartment.

Chinese Crested – This dog breed isn’t an outdoor type breed. The Chinese Crested is loving, gentle, and prefers a smaller house size.

Many more dog breeds are perfect for small apartment living. If your dog didn’t make our list, no need to worry! The best thing you can do is research the personality traits and behaviors to see if certain dogs are well suited for apartment living.