What are Dog “Hot Spots”

What are Dog “Hot Spots”?

Have you ever noticed your dog overly obsessing and licking a spot on their body?  You look at the area and discover that it is wet and sore.  This is known as a “hot spot”.  We are sure that you are wondering what caused it and how you can fix it.  We are here to help!

Hot spots (technically known as acute moist dermatitis or pyotraumatic dermatitis) are itchy, moist lesions that can pop up at the drop of a dime.  The bad thing is that matted fur can obscure these infected areas of skin which promotes your dog to lick even more.  The good thing is that hot spots generally only affect the outer layers of the skin.  They appear inflamed, red, and in most cases, covered in pus.

What causes hot sports?  It is important to realize that most of the time, there is an underlying cause that’s more chronic.  Unfortunately, any condition that can cause itching can lead to scratching, licking, and rubbing.  This means that the area has potential to result in a hot spot.  Think of ear infections, flea bites, and/or environmental allergies for example.

It is best to speak with your veterinarian about hot spots.  The treatment will vary based on whether they are superficial or deep.  Your vet may examine the skin for bacterial infections.  Mild cases will be treated with topical creams or ointments that are applied a few times a day.  Your dog’s skin will be a good indicator of progress.  It will return to its normal color as it starts to heal. Your dog will be feeling better in no time!