Help Your Dog Adjust to Alone Time

Help Your Dog Adjust to Alone Time

As the world starts to return to “normal”, many people are returning to the office and/or doing more socializing outside of the house.  Chances are that your best dog friend got used to you being home all day during the pandemic.  We are certain that your dog(s) enjoyed your presence day in and day out.  However, how will your dog react when this routine changes drastically?  Many dogs will be fine with it, but others will have a hard time with the adjustment.   There are many signs that determine that your dog may not be taking the change in routine well:

  • Destructive chewing – Chewing can be a sign of boredom, separation anxiety, or stress.  


  • Self-Injury – Let’s say that your dog is crated while you are away from the house. Some dogs will try to escape which can cause harm to themselves.  This can pose serious injuries, depending on how determined the dog is. 


  • Vocalizations – Howling, whining, and barking may occur when you are gone.  


  • Anorexia – Sometimes your dog will not eat while you are gone because they are stressed.

 Some of these behaviors could have been exhibited before the pandemic.  However, if your dog is exhibiting these signs, it is time to act.  Speaking with your veterinarian about the issues will also help you determine if there are any physical issues as well.  You will also be able to work with a professional trainer to address behavior modification