Top Things You Need for a Puppy 

Top Things You Need for a Puppy 

Getting a new puppy can be exciting and scary at the same time!  Keep in mind that it is a huge commitment to own a dog.  Therefore, it is best that you are prepared.  There may be items that you already have around the house, but you may need to make a trip to the pet store for additional items. This article will help you pick out new things that you may need for your puppy.

Foremost, you will need to research the breed and the requirements.  Keep in mind that all dog breeds are different.  Research the kind of dog that you are getting and make sure that you know all the ins and outs of the breed.  For example, some dogs may need a lot of training and exercise, while some would spend the day cuddled up on the couch.

There are several things that your puppy will need as soon as they come home.  These are just a few of our recommendations on what would make the transition run smoothly.

Chemical-free Cleaner – Puppies will make messes.  There is no way around it.  An all-natural pet cleaner is an excellent choice for both your health and puppy’s health.

High-quality Puppy Food – High-quality food will ensure that your puppy receives the nutrients to yield healthy growth.

Collar and Leash – It’s time to go on a walk!  Your new dog will need a collar and leash to do so.  You may even consider a harness depending on the size of the dog and/or if you are looking for more control.

Toys – Your puppy will need to some toys to play with then you are not home.  Consider toys that also provide mind stimulation.

Training Crate & Dog Bed – You will need a durable crate so that you can housetrain your puppy.  Also consider getting a comfortable dog bed for them to sleep on.  There are many options to choose from!

Dog Bowls – Choose some dog bowls for food and water.  If you have a dog who loves to eat fast, consider purchasing a “slo-bowl” which is like a maze where your dog will have to work around to get pieces of dog food.

We know that you are super excited for your new four-legged friend!  Be sure to follow our recommendations for ideas of how to make their transition to home easy and stress-free!