How Does the Moon Affect Your Pet: Lunar Phases and Animals

How Does the Moon Affect Your Pet: Lunar Phases and Animals

How does the moon affect your pet? What do the phases of the moon mean?

FULL MOON: The Full Moon influences the psyche of animals with noticeable intensity. It has been said to increase chaos, and even cause the Earth to shake. Veterinary staff and Animal Control keep busy during this phase. When an animal is upset during the Full Moon they tend to be restless. Dogs and wolves are known to howl during the Full Moon phases, while birds become agitated and become disoriented. Cats hide. The Full Moon tends to rattle both humans and our pets’ emotions.

NEW MOON: For a sensitive animal, the New Moon, not unlike the Full Moon, supports intention and therefore it is a time to change old habits which block awareness. It is a time to tune into nature’s vibrations-which many cats, dogs, other domestic and wild animals may do. Animals seem to naturally tune into the New Moon phase, understanding it is a time to chill even though this can be a challenge. The animals’ senses are heightened and sensitivity will be seen in each New Moon phase.

SUPER MOON: Unlike a Full Moon and New Moon, this phase is when an alignment of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth called perigee-syzygy occurs when the Moon is at its closest to Earth (perigee). Animals tend to be ultra sensitive during this time of a very big full moon. Like humans, the power of the electromagnetic fields during a Full Moon phase interacts with our own magnetic field increasing the ability to sense or feel the stress around us. The animals tend to notice the interaction quicker as it is part of their survival instincts to stay away from danger or snuggle with a caregiver.

WANING MOON: The Waning Moon is a time when sensitive animals will tune into their sixth sense and know it is time to hunt, gather food, and build their homes in order to protect their family and prepared for the future. The Waning Moon, unlike the Full, New, Super Moons acts like a break. For an animal, domestic or wild, it is a time to put natural instincts and the nesting mode into action for self-preservation.

WAXING MOON: Sensitive animals use the Waxing time frame to rest, to heal, and to become more aware and alert to its surroundings. It is an interval to slow down. Sleeping and staying calm are par for the course of this moon phase-unlike the other action-oriented lunar phases. It is a period when animals become more aware of the connection between the soul, mind, and the body. It is a time of awareness of well-being and celebration of life.

BLUE MOON: The Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons in one month. In other words, this lunar phase is much like the Full Moon and repeats its patterns. The difference between the two Full Moons comes from the astrological sign the moon is passing through therefore the intensity of one Full Moon would affect an animal’s psyche in one area of life and the second one in another area of life. It is like our companion animals and wild animals get a double dose of the Full Moon and its intense vibrations on Earth. But note, emotions are no more on edge that at any other Full Moon.