Family Dogs The Best Breeds!

Family Dogs: The Best Breeds!

There are so many breeds out there and it makes it a challenge to find the best breed for families, especially those with kids!  Many breeds make wonderful family companions, though some are better suited for suburban and farm families than households living in the city.  We have created a list of some of our favorite dog breeds which would be perfect for families and kids.

  1. Labrador Retriever.  This is by most the most popular dog breed in the United States.  Trust us, there is a reason for that!  The Lab is friendly, patient, and trainable.  They also have some of the most friendly and outgoing personalities out there!


  1. Bulldog.  This breed makes a wonderful companion to children.  Bulldogs are very loyal and protective.  Although they require regular walks and such, they will not beg to be exercised.  They are more than likely to sit down and join you in watching one of your favorite tv shows or movies!


  1. Golden Retriever.  This breed has become one of the most successful, recognizable, and popular breeds in the world.  What makes them a great family companion is the fact that they are eager to please.  Their intelligence takes them extremely far.


  1. Irish Setter.  Recognizable from the media such as Big Red, this breed first came into popular notice in the 18thcentury.  The outgoing and trainable dog is great for active families.  They love to partake in outdoor family activities.


  1. Collie.  This breed is known for their herding skills.  They are strong, loyal, affectionate, responsive and fast.  The collie is graceful, devoted and proud!  They would be best suited for an active family as they are high-energy.

There are many family-oriented dog breeds, but these happen to rank high on our list!  It is super important to assess the behavior and personality trait of the dog before inviting them into your family.