Dog Seat Belts

Dog Seat Belts

Most dogs love a car ride. It’s an opportunity for them to enjoy the scenery and stimulate their minds by smelling new territory! In the past, most dogs have been able to roam freely in the car while hanging their heads out of the window while enjoying the breeze. However, there are many dangers for dogs who are not secure in a seat while in the car.

A dog seatbelt (also known as a dog car harness) works in conjunction with your cars existing seat belt strap. These harnesses are designed for restraint, and a quality made one will be more heavy-duty compared to your dog’s harness used while walking. The good thing is that if you combine your human seatbelt with a well-designed dog seatbelt, you have added an extra layer of safety for both you and your four-legged friend.

The most important thing is that dog seatbelts help prevent driver distraction. Studies show that driving around with an unrestrained dog more than doubles a person’s minutes of distracted driving while stressing out the human and pup along the way. Just think about it. Dog distraction causes us to take our eyes off the road which can essentially lead to an accident or injury. Dog seat harnesses keep your pup in place, minimizing distraction so you can focus on the road and people around you.

Some common distractions that a dog may cause include:

  • Attempts to escape the car
  • Barking or lunging for windows or doors
  • Wandering into the driver’s lap
  • Accidently hitting the gear shift
  • Moving around the car, blocking mirrors and sight lines

We hope that you understand the importance of dog seatbelts. Some dogs will find wearing a car seatbelt harness a little uncomfortable at first, but they will get used to it. Be sure to use positive reinforcement and praise them for doing a good job! Remember, you are not only ensuring the safety of you and your pup, but others around you as well. Stay safe out there!