Can Dogs Be Allergic to Cats 

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Cats? 

We all know that dogs and cats can be allergic to things like dust, fleas, dirty, mold, pollen, and certain foods. However, you may wonder if dogs and cats can be allergic to each other. The answer is yes; dogs and cats can be allergic to each other.

Pet-to-pet allergies are not as common as those mentioned above, but they exist. Many people assume that dog and cat hair triggers allergy symptoms. Oddly enough, it is the proteins found in pet dander, saliva, and urine. These proteins also trigger allergic reactions in humans who suffer from pet allergies.

Pet-to-pet allergic reactions mimic the signs of allergic reactions to other substances. One of the main symptoms you will notice is your pet scratching themselves more than usual. Pets that suffer from allergies have an abnormal skin barrier that allows environmental allergens to be absorbed more easily. The skin responds to the allergen by releasing histamine, which causes the feeling of itchiness. You may also notice other signs such as sneezing, runny nose, and puffy eyes.

Do you think that your pet may have a pet-to-pet allergy? We recommend that you contact your veterinarian. Tests can be performed to confirm the presence of allergies. Certain allergy medications can be prescribed. You may also use an air purifier and bathe your pet with a medicated shampoo to help lessen the exposure to allergens. The good news is that there are many available options!