Why Do Dogs Roll in The Grass

Why Do Dogs Roll in The Grass?

Does your dog ever drop down on the grass and roll around on their back?  If the answer is yes, you are not alone!  It isn’t unusual at all to see a dog rolling in the grass.  In fact, many dogs roll in grass daily if given the opportunity to do so.  I am sure that you are wondering why though.  Check out our list below to learn more!

Change that body scent.  To humans, grass smells like…. grass.  However, to a dog, one patch of grass may smell quite different to another.  A dog’s sense of smell is so powerful, especially when you compare it to ours.  With, some grassy places may contain scents and smells left behind by other animals (think of urine).  You dog may be rolling to cover himself in this scent.  Weird, huh?

Telling a story.  Another reason why a dog rolls in the grass may be that the dog is using the smell to convey information to other dogs to their family group.  Perhaps the dog is thinking, “Hey, there were some cats around here yesterday!”

Smell better.  For a dog, changing their body scent may be desirable if they have been given a bath or laying in a scent that they don’t enjoy much.  Oddly enough, dogs may prefer the smell of dog pee over that shampoo that you used in the bath.  Yikes.

Bye bye, irritation.  While your dog is rolling to relieve an itch, the symptoms of fleas are easy to identify.  Be sure that you are checking your dog’s skin to make sure there is nothing irritating their back.

Dead hair.  Some dogs shed a lot of hair.  As the hair starts to come loose, it probably feels a bit uncomfortable.  Rolling on their back may help the dog loosen some of the dead hair.  This can speed up the shedding process!

Whatever the reason, rolling is normally harmless fun and provides dogs with a great deal of pleasure.  We recommend that you pay close attention to the surroundings in the grass.  Otherwise, it will be bath time before you know it!