Spotlight Breed Brittany

Spotlight Breed: Brittany

Welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week.  We are always excited to give you the scoop on some of the most interesting and loveable dog breeds out there!  This week, we are featuring the BrittanyDo you have a Brittany dog?  Be sure to send us a picture and we would be happy to share it on our social media page!  If we had to sum up a Brittany in three words, we would choose: upbeat, fun-loving, and intelligent!  Honestly, the list can go on and on.

Brittany dogs have a unique look.  They stand about 20 inches at the shoulder and their beautiful, boldly patterned coat comes in combinations of white and vivid orange (think of a reddish-brown color).   This is a rugged and strong breed with high-set ears which convey their eagerness.  If you are looking for an all-purpose hunting partner or a dog-sport teammate, the Brittany would be a great dog for you!  They are stimulated by an upbeat and outdoorsy family life.

Just because the Brittany is small, doesn’t meant that they would adapt well to apartment living.  Their high-energy requires that they live in a space with much more room.  We must also add that the Brittany dog is very sensitive.  They take their relationships seriously and always wants the best for their “pack”.  The overall friendliness of this breed is astonishing.  They are affectionate with family, kids, other dogs and even strangers.  Think of the Brittany as a very extroverted dog that can make friends with anyone!

This breed can be easy to train.  The Brittany was originally bred for jobs that require decision making, intelligence, and concentration.  This means that mental stimulation is necessary to keep them going.  Keep a close eye!  The Brittany has a strong desire to chase other animals.  This sort of breed should be kept in a yard with a high, secure fence.  They are also very free-spirited and can wander off at the drop of a dime.  Be on the lookout!

We will leave you with some of our all-time favorite Brittany Property Laws:

  • If I like it, it’s mine.
  • If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
  • If I saw it first, it’s mine.
  • If I chew something up, all the pieces are mine.
  • If I want it back, it’s mine.