Regular Ear Care for Dogs is Important – Here’s Why!

Regular Ear Care for Dogs is Important – Here’s Why!

Did you know that grooming not only consists of bathing and brushing your dog but regular ear care as well? Unfortunately, regular ear care is often neglected in the grooming process for our four-legged friends. The bad thing is that dogs can develop ear infections that cause pain. Furthermore, these infections can cause more significant issues. Proactively ensuring that your dog’s ear care is a priority will help your four-legged friend live a happy and healthy life.

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We first want to discuss the variety of dog ears you may come across.

There are two types of dog ears; those that stick up straight from the base of the head and those that lay flat on the head. Many believe the ears that lay flat on the head are safer than those that stick straight up. The truth is that both types of ears are at risk if they are not properly taken care of. Monitoring the ears for debris, harmful bacteria, and trapped dirt is crucial.

Dogs with large amounts of hair inside their ears (think about long-haired breeds) are usually more prone to getting dirt trapped inside the canal. Our best advice is to clean your dog’s ears once a week. Use a cleaning solution that your veterinarian has approved. Use a cotton ball to massage the solution into the ear canal while removing grime, debris, and dirt. You want to use extreme caution to prevent pushing debris further into the ear.

How can you tell if your dog is having issues with their ears? Shaking of the head, repetitive scratching, redness of the inner ear, or a foul smell (yeast) are the most common signs of ear distress in dogs.

Speak with your veterinarian if you notice these signs or need assistance cleaning your dog’s ears. As you can see, regular ear care for dogs is crucial. Do your part as a pet parent to ensure your four-legged friend lives a happy and healthy life!