Police Dogs 

Police Dogs 

Police dogs are some of the hardest working pups with an impressive mission.  These canines are well respected in the working dog world and play a huge role in keeping us safe!  In this article we will talk about the many roles that police dogs can fill, and how they prepare for their time in service.

The main objective of the police dog is to protect and serve.  Police dogs are a crucial part of law enforcement, often being the first one to run into dangerous situations.  A police dog who is well-trained can perform a variety of complicated tasks.  These types of dogs are extremely dedicated to their work and their handlers and will do almost anything to get the job done.

What jobs do police dogs have?  See our list below!

Scent Tracking – Dogs have over 200 million scent receptors in their nose.  Scent tracking can help police dogs track suspects on the run, search for missing individuals, or even determine if someone’s scent is present at a location.  This can be a very important part of an investigation!

Search & Detection – This category of work relies on a dog’s specific training in tracking a certain scent with an ability to alert the handler when it is found.

Public Enforcement – These are the types of dogs that you normally see riding around with police officers.  These pups are responsible for being at an officer’s side at all times, while helping combat potential dangers in a community.

As you can see, police dogs are amazing workers with the ability to make a huge impact!  Their skills and dedication are appreciated as they can literally “save the day”.