Interactive Dog Toys 

Interactive Dog Toys 

Interactive dog toys are awesome!  It allows your dour-legged friend to play and have fun while providing mental and physical stimulation.  These types of toys also ease boredom and satisfy indicts.  Much like humans, dogs need mental stimulation and play.  If your dog is anxious or stressed, a good assortment of interactive dog toys may curb destructive behavior.  Please continue reading on to learn more about these different types of toys and the benefits of each.

Throw Toys – This is probably the most common type of interactive dog toy!  Natural rubber play toys for dogs can offer hours of chewing relief.  With this being said, you will need to make sure that the products are safe and non-toxic.

Video Games – Yes!  They make video games for dogs.  They use electronic devices or apps with built-in sensors like sounds with buttons and are designed to work with your dog’s response mechanisms.

Ball Launchers – These amazing toys promote active play and mental stimulation by launching balls out for your dog to chase and catch.

Puzzle Treat Dispensers – Talk about something that will boost problem-solving skills!  Puzzle toys dispensers feature numerous buttons, knobs, levers, and flaps for your dog to open to get their treat (reward).

There are many more interactive dog toys, but these are some of our favorites.  They help with behavior issues such as depression, boredom, and separation.  However, you must always incorporate regular exercise and positive dog training as well.