Hunting Dog Supplies

Hunting Dog Supplies

 Some of the best working dogs are hunting dogs.  These types of dogs require very similar training and equipment as service dogs.  They can be trained for specific tasks and require good equipment and supplies to properly complete their job.  This article will serve as a guide to the best supplies to get for your hunting dog.

Collars and Harnesses – This is a need for your hunting dog.  This will ensure that you can have total control of your dog if needed.  We also recommend that you purchase a reflective collar or harness so that it is easier to locate your dog in low lighted areas.

Leashes – A leash will also ensure that you can have total control of your hunting dog as well.  We recommend an anti-pull leash as they are normally strong and durable, which is great for the outdoors.

Supplements – There are many supplements that you may consider giving your hunting dog.  These supplements will keep your dog active and healthy.  Consider supplements such as CBD oil to address joint pain and anxiety or turmeric for GI problems and muscle growth.

Saddle Bags – These bags allow for extra travel storage.  Essentially, your hunting dog will be helping carry things that they need and even some things that you may need.  The saddle bags are lightweight and durable.  Try to pack things such as a first aid kit, collapsible bowls, food and water in these bags!

There are many other items in which you can purchase for your hunting dog.  Following our recommendations will help you get started with your four-legged friend out in the wilderness!