Help for Your Car Sick Dog

Help for Your Car Sick Dog

Drooling, shaking, panting, vomiting… Sound familiar?

Behaviorists believe that much of car sickness in dogs is caused by fear, so to overcome this problem, you will need to slowly teach your dog not to be afraid of the car.

Here’s how to teach him the car is a great place:

Begin by just rewarding your dog for being near the car, then for voluntarily getting in, then reward him when you turn on the engine, and continue, like so, in baby steps. Feed him his meals in the car – but not right before a trip, of course!. In fact, avoid feeding your dog less than one hour before car rides to lessen the effects of any nausea.

Avoid taking your dog for trips that you think will result in him becoming sick while you are teaching him not to be afraid. Each time he gets carsick will set back your progress in teaching him that the car is a safe place.

Use a secured crate when transporting your dog. This is very safe and it can also help him to stay calm if he is already comfortable with his crate. If this is not possible, use a doggy-seatbelt.

Some other things that may be helpful:

  • Using Anxiety aids
  • Having him sit on a person’s lap
  • Opening the window
  • Making sure that he has a view out of the front windshield.
  • Covering his crate so that he cannot see out of the car.