Dog Eye Gunk – What You Need to Know 

Dog Eye Gunk – What You Need to Know 

Dog eye gunk (also known as boogers) often happens because your dog’s tears are flushing out dust after a night of sleep. Remember that eye gunk can differ in color, fluidity, and texture. You may notice your dog’s eye discharge ranges from a little crusty to mucus consistency, and the color may be green, yellow, or clear. You may be wondering how you can tell if your dog needs to see a veterinarian. This article will explain the signs of concern and when you can tackle your dog’s eye gunk at home.

Conjunctivitis – Humans like to refer to this as “pink eye.” Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye’s outer and eyelid’s inner layers. This infection can cause dog eye gunk to be yellow or green. You must visit the vet at the first sign of symptoms to determine the source so it can be treated.

Epiphora – Some dogs constantly have watery eyes. With epiphora, their eyes are excessively wet. Causes of excessive tearing include conjunctivitis, allergies, glaucoma, or a duct problem. Visit the vet to determine the cause of the discharge.

Dry Eye – This is the opposite of constant watery eyes. Irritated and itchy dried-out eyes lack lubrication and the ability to flush away irritants and infections. Common causes of dry eye include eye infections and tear duct issues. Unfortunately, blindness may occur with the dry eye if a veterinarian does not treat it.

Eye Injury – We all know that dogs love to play and explore. Sometimes our four-legged friends are clumsy, which may lead to an eye injury. The eye may get scratched, or a foreign object, such as dirt or debris, can get lodged in your dog’s eye. If you see something in your dog’s eye, don’t try to remove it yourself. Ask your vet for assistance.

Eye discharge is normal until it comes with additional signs of discomfort or changes drastically in color or consistency overnight. Once you control any injuries, allergies, and infections, you must do your best to maintain your dog’s eye health. Do not use your fingers to remove dog eye gunk. Use a damp towel to clean your dog’s eyes.