Different Types of Working Dogs 

Different Types of Working Dogs 

Did you know that certain dogs have serious jobs that they must complete? Working dogs possess instincts developed through intensive training to perform a specific task. Below is a list of various types of working dogs and the jobs they are trained to perform.

Therapy Dogs – These dogs offer emotional support to sick or injured people. You will find therapy dogs in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and daycare centers. These dogs must be even-tempered, well-socialized, and well-trained.

Service Dogs – These dogs are assistance dogs trained to assist people with disabilities. You must understand that the Americans with Disabilities Act has particular guidelines regarding their treatment in public places. Note: Therapy dogs and emotional support dogs are not service dogs. Service dogs may help with specific tasks such as guiding people with visual impairments or assistance with people who experience seizures.

Police Dogs – Also referred to as K-9s, these dogs are trained to assist police and other law enforcement in the line of duty. One of the main objectives of a police dog is to protect its handler. Police dogs may also be trained to sniff out substances.

Detection Dogs – These dogs have a fantastic sense of smell and are highly motivated by positive reinforcement. Common substances to be sniffed include explosives, illegal drugs, blood, and human remains.

Search-and-Rescue Dogs – These dogs possess excellent senses of smell and hearing in addition to agility. Search-and-rescue dogs serve in many fields, including specialized search, avalanche rescue, and tracking.

As you can see, dogs have jobs too! Working dogs undergo intense training to become “experts” in their fields. Dogs are brilliant and play a huge role in society. You never know if your four-legged friend can also become a working dog!