Why is Sleep Important for Dogs with Joint Issues 

Why is Sleep Important for Dogs with Joint Issues? 

Dogs experiencing joint discomfort will need adequate sleep to aid in their recovery. Joint pain can cause sleep loss, but sleep deprivation worsens joint pain, accelerating joint damage. There are specific reasons why sleep is so vital to the health of these dogs, which will be outlined below.

  1. Lessens Inflammation and Reduces Pain – Dogs’ chronic inflammation is linked to joint disorders such as arthritis. If your dog is getting enough rest, they are reducing their inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain and stiffness for your pet.
  2. Healthy Weight – Like humans, if your dog has issues sleeping, the brain is less effective at controlling appetite. Not getting enough sleep can cause hormones to go up in the blood. Those same hormones drive appetite, which means your dog will be prone to overeating.
  3. Regeneration of Cells and Tissues – If your dog is not getting enough sleep, its body lacks time to regenerate itself. Did you know that dogs’ bodies use most of the night to produce proteins that heal the damage done to cells and tissues when they are awake? Unfortunately, lack of sleep accelerates joint damage by depriving the body of utilizing natural healing abilities.
  4. Overall Immune Function – The dogs’ immune system produces protective infection-fighting antibodies while sleeping. If your dog is not getting the sleep they need, its immune system doesn’t have the chance to build up its forces and will be less effective.
  5. Mood Elevation – Being chronically tired can be a problem, especially for a dog dealing with the stress of chronic pain and mobility issues.

Sleep is essential for dogs, regardless of whether they have joint issues. A good night of rest is vital to health. Keep in mind that dogs with joint pain may experience difficulty falling asleep. We advise you to speak with your veterinarian to explore options that may help your dog get healthy sleep.