Why Is Processed Food Bad for Dogs 

Why Is Processed Food Bad for Dogs? 

Unfortunately, several brands of dog food on the market contain processed ingredients. Although this may be the cheapest option, you will spend more money in the long run because of health concerns. You may be wondering why processed foods are so bad for dogs. We are here to help with a list of reasons why below.

Low-Quality Ingredients – Processed dog foods are made with fillers and low-quality ingredients. These may include animal by-products and derivatives with low-quality grain.

Grain – Grain is one of the main ingredients in processed foods. It is inexpensive and gives the food “bulk.” Keep in mind that some foods contain up to 65% grain. Complex carbohydrates such as grains that dogs consume will end up in an accumulation of lactic acids.

Artificial Coloring – Research shows that artificial coloring is one of the causes of behavioral issues in dogs.

Unhealthy Fats – Did you know that many commercial dog foods have fat sprayed on them? This is a way for them to make the foods more palatable. Fat may also be added to improve nutritional value, but the quality of this fat usually is poor.

Preservatives – Manufacturers may add chemical preservatives to compensate for the lack of healthy ingredients.

A dog’s diet can make or break its quality of life. If you feed them processed foods, they are more likely to experience negative health concerns. Taking the cheaper option will not pay off in the long run.