Why Does My Dog Always Look Out the Window

Why Does My Dog Always Look Out the Window?

Have you ever noticed your dog staring out the window for long periods? This is typical behavior for our four-legged friends. Allow us to examine why your dog may like to look out the window.

One of the most common reasons why your dog looks out the window is that it wants to go outside. Dogs are intelligent and have various ways of telling us what they want. Your dog can look out the window to give you an indication that they want to go outside and potty or play. Another reason is that they are entertaining themselves. When restricted indoors, dogs might look out the window to watch the world outside. Think about it. There is a lot to see – people, cars, other dogs, rabbits, and squirrels!

Looking out the window is also a way to communicate and mark territory. This is especially true if your dog barks as people or other animals walk by the window! What they are doing is sharing that it is their territory.

As you can see, this behavior is nothing out of the ordinary. However, looking out the window should not be the only way that your dog interacts with the outside world. Ensure you go on many walks throughout the day, which will help your dog’s mental and physical health.