Popular Dog Training Myths 

Popular Dog Training Myths 

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to dog training.  Common myths tend to steer people in the wrong direction which may affect the way that your dog learns.  It is important for you to understand the truth behind these myths which we will outline below.

Myth #1 – Old dogs cannot learn new tricks.  Many people think that older dogs will not be able to learn new commands or do tricks.  However, you must know that dogs of any age can continue to learn.  The only thing with older dogs is that you will need to be more patient and understanding along the way!

Myth #2 – Positive reinforcement only works on well-behaved dogs.  We believe that using positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train.  This method can be used on all dogs, including those who are overly energetic or have behavioral issues.  Keep in mind that training methods that punish dogs can cause them to become fearful and aggressive instead of teaching them to follow commands.

Myth #3 – Using food for training spoils dogs.  Giving rewards is an important part of positive reinforcement.  It is great to use treats at first, but you can start to phase out treats over time when your dog is learning.  The good thing is that your dog will eventually be able to follow commands without any treats involved!

Myth #4 – Some dogs cannot be taught.  Some people believe that certain dog breeds are unable to learn commands due to stubbornness and/or lack of intelligence.  This is false!  Some dogs may take longer to pick up on what they are supposed to do, but it does not mean that they are not capable. Every dog deserves a chance to learn!

Myth #5 – Establishing yourself as the alpha is important. There was a moment of time when dominance was a common part of dog training.  Dog training should not involve having to establish yourself as dominant to teach your dog to listen.

We hope that you learned a great deal in our article.  Keep the truth behind these training myths in mind when you are working on teaching your dog how to follow commands.  As you can see, it is important to be aware of the truth behind dog training!