How to Relieve Dog Back Pain

How to Relieve Dog Back Pain

Unfortunately, dogs can get back pain too.  This can be caused by a number of reasons including arthritis, weight gain, injury, infection, or even cancer.  There are certain breeds that are more likely to experience back pain such as French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, and Pugs.  If you suspect that your dog is experience extreme back pain, please limit your pet’s activity and call your veterinarian immediately.  Below are some treatments and techniques that we can recommend to ease their pain and send them on the up and up.

– Traditional Pain Medications — These are helpful in providing quick relief for back pain. Keep in mind that these can cause more harm than good if used incorrectly.  This is more of a temporary relief which encourages your dog to be more active, if possible.

Physical Therapy — PT can help relieve back pain by strengthening the parts of the body that are weak and stretching out the parts that are tight.  This is also a way for the body to heal and avoid spending money on surgery.  There are many different forms of physical therapy and your veterinarian will have a better understanding of what is best for your dog’s particular situation.

Laser Therapy — Cold laser therapy (also known as low level therapy) is another way of getting the body’s natural ability to heal.  What happens is that light energy of a laser hits the damaged cells.  Next, blood flow is stimulated thus providing oxygen to improve nerve and muscle function.

Acupuncture — According to Chinese medicine, pain is caused by stagnation in the body.  This 3,000-year-old healing practice by reducing pain and improving the flow of energy.

There are other forms of treatment which will provide support for your dog who is experiencing back pain.  Please do your research and communicate with your veterinarian to determine the best procedure.