Fun Apps for Every Dog Owner 

Fun Apps for Every Dog Owner 

Technology is increasing by the day. Let’s face it…we depend heavily on technology! Naturally, there are apps that make a dog owner’s life easier, or at least more amusing. We created a list of the must-have apps that you should consider. Check them out below!

BringFido – This is a great app if you are planning to travel with your four-legged friend. It allows you to find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, and beaches across the country. It even helps by including pricing, amenities, and reviews. This app is a lifesaver when it comes to doggie travel!

MapMyDogWalk – Are you curious how many steps you take or the distance you walk when taking your dog on a stroll through the neighborhood? This app lets you and your dog get the most out of walks. Using GPS, it tracks duration, speed, and distance. This may help you come up with more exciting and challenging routes for you and your pup!

BarkCam – Are you trying to take the best photo of your dog, but they see, to get distracted easily? This app plays a sound to get your dog’s attention to take the best picture. You can add filters, create memes, and even add quotes to images!

iKibble – This app includes hundreds of different foods and allows you to learn more about them. It is great because you can find out if certain human foods are good for your dog’s health.

Pawprint – Pet Health Tracker – Keep all information about your dog in one place. You can even use the app to obtain and keep your dog’s official medical records. It is also great for tracking things such as vet amounts, vaccination schedules, and feeding information.

There are so many more apps for dogs, but these are some of our favorites! Be sure to check out your app store to find more apps that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy together. You will not be disappointed!