8 Ways To Spoil The Living Daylights Out Of Your Dog

8 Ways To Spoil The Living Daylights Out Of Your Dog

It’s common knowledge that you love your dog – even she knows it. And sure, you give her a belly rub every day and that makes her happy. But every now and then it’s nice to treat her to something extra special. Here are five way to spoil the daylights out of your best friend, who never told anyone what you did that one Saturday night.

#1 Long Walk

Take the time to go on a nice long walk, rather than your normal quick “potty break.” Your dog will appreciate the extra attention, exercise, and chance to stop and smell more roses.

#2 Bully Sticks

For some reason, dogs go absolutely bonkers for these chews. While no treat is calorie-free, these are a much healthier and safer alternative to chemically treated rawhide.

#3 Training Class

Most dogs really enjoy going to a training class. They get treats, one-on-one time with you and they get a “job” to do. Take your training beyond simple obedience and do something fun like agility or a trick class to really spoil your pet.

#4 Orthopedic Bed

When was the last time you replaced that stinky old dog bed? Spoil your dog with a new orthopedic bed that will support his joints while he sleeps, alieving any pain caused by arthritis or past injuries. Look for a bed that is also antibacterial and anti-fungal for all-around care.

#5  Give Your Dog a Canine Massage

Canine massage is beneficial for so many reasons – no matter if your dog is a couch potato or the next agility master. And while it is a skill that requires schooling to do masterfully, there are a few techniques that dog owners can learn at home to benefit their dog’s health and well-being.

#6  Dental Treats

Shhh, don’t tell your pup that these babies actually clean their teeth! While there’s no substitute for brushing and annual cleanings with your vet, dental chews given regularly can make a difference.

#7  New Smells

Humans are very visual and when we’re bored we often turn on the TV or look to our smartphones for entertainment. A dog’s brain, on the other hand, is more far more scent oriented. Allow your dog to experience new smells such as flowers, plants, new trails or new people.

#8 A Monthly New Toy

While we often think of toys as frivolous, they are anything but for your dog’s brain and physical health. Like humans, dogs get bored with the same things over and over, so rotating your dog’s toys or purchasing them a new one monthly helps keep things fresh and fun.