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Why is Sleep Important for Dogs with Joint Issues? 

Dogs experiencing joint discomfort will need adequate sleep to aid in their recovery. Joint pain can cause sleep loss, but sleep deprivation worsens joint pain, accelerating joint damage. There are specific reasons why sleep is so vital to the health of these dogs, which will be outlined below. Lessens Inflammation and Reduces Pain – Dogs’ […]

Bugs to Watch Out for If You Have Dogs 

Bugs can be a huge annoyance to our dogs just as they are to us! In fact, some dogs love to latch onto our dogs, which others may deliver a bite or sting as an act of defense. It is important to know that some of these insects can cause pets to become severely ill […]

My Dog Broke Their Leg – What Do I Need to Do? 

It is unfortunate that broken legs are somewhat common when it comes to dog injuries. If your dog has an accident that causes extreme pain and lameness, it may be a broken bone. This article goes into further detail on how to address a dog’s broken leg. Is it truly a broken leg? You may […]

Spotlight Breed: Danish-Swedish Farmdog 

Welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week. This is where we feature a fun and unique dog breed from around the globe! We are excited to spotlight the Danish-Swedish Farmdog today. Also known as the “DSF”, the breed comes from Denmark and southern Sweden. They traditionally live on farms and were bred to […]

How to Remove Urine from Bedding 

Even though accidents may occur along the way, we can’t help but to love our four-legged friends. One of the accidents that may occur is a dog urinating on bedding. Think of items such as cotton sheets, down comforters, and even pillows. A thorough cleaning is essential if you want to avoid throwing away your […]

Signs That Your Dog May Have Dental Pain

Just like small babies or children, our four-legged friends are unable to verbally communicate with us when they are having issues with their health. Therefore, we must rely on behavioral changes and external evidence. Oral issues and dental pain are very hard to identify. However, there are some indications that your dog has dental pain […]

Tips to Keep Ants Away from Dogs 

Have you ever been to a picnic, and you notice ants are forming around your food? It is no different with pet food. They love to get into that as well! Not only that, but if ants get on your dog, they often bite, which can be an even bigger problem than you might thing. […]

Mushroom Poisoning in Dogs 

Mushrooms can be toxic to dogs. The problem with them is that they can be hard to properly identify. Unfortunately, their range of toxicity goes from no big deal to deadly. Mushrooms often grow during wet and warm weather, and that can be any time in spring or fall. There are many species of mushrooms […]

Can Dogs See in the Dark? 

Do you ever wonder if your dog can see in the dark? No need to worry! Healthy dogs can see in the dark better than humans. In fact, the secret to dog night vision if all in the sight receptors that distinguish between daylight and dark. You may be wondering how dog night vision works. […]

Why Does My Dog Bark When I am Not Home? 

Barking is a dog’s instinct. It is a way for them to communicate. However, it may become a problem if they are barking excessively while you are away from home. For example, you may receive a call from a neighbor saying that your dog is being disruptive. There are many reasons why your dog barks […]