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Coronavirus and Pets: FAQs for Owners

No Evidence Dogs Get COVID-19 Can dogs get the new coronavirus (COVID-19)? At this time, experts believe it is very unlikely. The World Health Organization currently advises that there is no evidence to suggest that dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus. The CDC also seconds that opinion, stating that, “At this […]

How Soon Can a Puppy Become a Runner?

You need to wait a while before putting the miles on that pup, or risk permanent damage to her developing body. Assuming she’s in good overall health (your vet can help determine that), eight months of age is about the earliest you should start letting her run with you, and even then, you should figure […]

Dog Flu: Keep Your Pet Safe

You’ve heard of flu outbreaks making people sick, but they can happen to dogs, too. Our doggie friends can catch “canine influenza,” which not only makes them feel bad, but can be dangerous to them. It’s not a new condition. Scientists discovered one strain of this flu, called the H3N8 virus, more than 40 years […]

9 Tips To Keep Your Pup Safe From Snake Bites

Though snakes look all sorts of evil and untrustworthy to humans, to dogs, snakes are just another animal. In other words, dogs are not protected from snakes like humans are by the knowledge of the harm they can cause. It’s up to you, Responsible Pup Parent, to know how to keep your dog out of […]

The Power of the Dog By Rudyard Kipling

There is sorrow enough in the natural way From men and women to fill our day; And when we are certain of sorrow in store, Why do we always arrange for more? Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware Of giving your heart to a dog to tear. Buy a pup and your money will […]

The Problem with All-Positive Dog Training

LEERBERG KENNELS I will talk about the controversial topic of “the need for corrections in dog training.” I will tell you a little about my experience in dog training and why I feel the need to talk about this subject. There are three types of all-positive trainers: Those who emulate Pet-Smart, which runs 100% all-positive […]

Talking To A Dog Every Day Is Good For Both Of You

Talking to pets may sound silly for people who don’t live with an animal at home, but it’s actually quite a common occurrence within pet-loving households. Sure, the conversation may mostly be one-sided, but the activity still offers advantages that both pet owners and pets can benefit from. If you’re one of those who are […]

What Is the Best Way to Greet Your Dog?

Recent research shows that the way you greet your dog after a short or long separation makes a huge difference to the dog. Whenever I return home, or come down the stairs after a night’s sleep and encounter one or more of my dogs, I go through a bit of a greeting ritual. This involves […]

Attention-Seeking Barking

One reason that it’s so easy to live with dogs is that they’re very expressive. They find a way to let us know their needs. They often do this by barking or whining. Indeed, we find it desirable when they bark to ask to go outside to eliminate or to request that their water bowl […]


Barking is one of many forms of vocal communication for dogs. People are often pleased that their dog barks, because it alerts them to the approach of people to their home or it tells them there’s something that the dog wants or needs. However, sometimes a dog’s barking can be excessive. Because barking serves a […]