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Reading to Dogs Can Benefit Children

With the increase in children learning from home, parents may utilize their dogs as additional resources for teaching. Yes, it’s true! Research shows that there are benefits to children when they read to their four-legged friends. Below are some reasons to consider incorporating your dog into your child’s reading routine. It helps make children comfortable. […]

How to Spot a “Fake” Service Dog 

Unfortunately, the amount of “fake” service dogs is increasing daily. People believe that if they treat their dog as a service dog, they can take them anywhere they please. This is disgusting behavior and often gives a bad reputation to legit hard-working service dogs. We compiled a list of some of the most common signs […]

Large Dog Breeds That Can Live in Apartments

Many people assume that if a dog is large, they are not well suited for apartment living. People may be surprised to learn that large dogs may be the best option when choosing a dog for a small space. Did you know that many large breeds can be laid-back compared to some of their small […]

Warts in Dogs 

Canine viral papillomatosis is the technical description for warts in dogs. Did you know that any dog can get warts? However, they are more common in dogs who are immunosuppressed or spend much time around other dogs. Research shows that younger dogs frequently get warts in their mouths. The skin of older dogs is more […]

Is Sunlight Important to Dogs? 

Have you ever noticed that we are happier when the sun is shining? Come to find out, humans are not the only ones benefitting from the sunshine. Dogs need sunlight. Sunlight is vital to a dog’s well-being in many ways. The patterns of natural sunlight exposure control the most critical biorhythms of a dog’s body. […]

Benefits of Dog Agility Training 

Dog agility is where dogs zoom around an obstacle course, flying over jumps and through tunnels, side by side with their handler. This is one of the most popular dog sports, and it’s fun to watch! While agility is a competitive sport, you do not need your four-legged friend to compete to experience the benefits […]

Canned Vegetables for Dogs – Are They a Good Idea? 

You should know that many types of vegetables are a healthy addition to your four-legged friend’s diet. However, you should always think twice before adding canned vegetables to the mix. Almost all canned vegetables are incredibly high in sodium. Unfortunately, too much sodium over time can result in serious health concerns for your dog. Allow […]

Inspirational Quotes About Dogs 

Our love for dogs is immeasurable. There are tons of people who agree! We want to share some of our favorite inspirational quotes about our four-legged friends. “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” —Author Dean Koontz “The average dog is a nicer person than the average […]

Why Do Some Dogs Dislike Rain? 

Have you ever noticed your dog shying away from rain when other dogs love it? Some dogs refuse to go outside if it is raining! According to research, not only does rain make dogs feel uncomfortable, but it may also make them scared to get in trouble with you. There may have been a time […]

Recognizing and Reporting Animal Cruelty and Neglect 

Do you love animals as much as we do? If so, you never want to stay quiet if you know someone abusing animals. One of the best things you can do is report your suspicions of abuse and neglect to the appropriate enforcement authorities in your hometown.  Please continue reading our article to learn more […]