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Dogs & Heart Health

The term “pet therapy” has been around for many years.  Psychologists came up with this term after they realized that dogs were instrumental in getting patients to feel for comfortable in speaking to them.  Dogs were even used to help wounded soldiers in the 19th century!  Today, it’s been shown that heart attack patients recover […]

Dog Etiquette: Visiting Pet Stores

Taking a trip to the pet store with your pup may seem like a good idea.  However, there are some important things to think about before you venture out for a new toy or treat!  A little planning and some simple training can help ensure that you and your dog have a happy and safe […]

The Best Dog Movies of All Time

Movies that showcase dogs hit home for most of us.  What makes them so special is that we can easily relate them to our own dogs which really makes the movie more meaningful to us.  We have narrowed down a list of our favorite dog movies of all time!  Do you have a movie that […]

Tuesday’s Treat: Berry Egg Oatmeal

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Treat Day!  We are super excited to share our recipe for Berry Egg Oatmeal with you today.  This is a protein-packed breakfast that your dog will absolutely love.  Do you plan on making this with your four-legged friend?  Snap some photos and send them to info@hotdogonaleash.com.  We would love to […]

Dogs & Dairy

Much like humans, dogs can also have adverse reactions to certain foods.  There are several components in dairy products that can cause issues – protein, sugar, fat, and preservatives.  We will talk about the warning signs and explain the difference between a true allergy to dairy products or lactose intolerance. Let’s start off by talking […]

The Myths of Leather Furniture & Dogs

As we all know, our dogs like to make themselves at home, especially when it comes to the furniture in the house.  Couches, chairs, beds, ottomans…. you name it!  We wanted to write about leather furniture and the myths involved within.  We believe that leather is the most practical upholstery for families with pets, but […]

Teething Stages for Puppies

We all know that the puppy life involves chewing and teething.  It can take a full eight months before puppies finish teething and learn that chewing on certain items is not appropriate.  You must be patient!  There are different teething stages when it comes to your puppy which every dog owner should be aware of.  […]

Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

When looking for a new place to set foot with your four-legged friend, it’s a good idea to research the overall environment.  As we all know, owning a pet comes with some obstacles, however, living in a pet-friendly city can ease stress along the way!  With, we would like to share our research with you […]

Spotlight Breed: Chinese Crested

Hello and welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week!  We are very excited to introduce the Chinese Crested dog today.  This is one of the most interesting breeds out there.  They have almost no desire to go out and run around like regular dogs.  However, they are athletic enough to jump higher fences […]

Why do Dog’s Yawn?

We all know that human yawns are a sign of two things: we are tired or bored.  However, it is a little different with dogs.  Not all dog yawns are created equal.  Depending on how, when, and in what situation your dog yawns, it could mean several different things.  A dog yawn is the same […]