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How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant 

Pregnancy in dogs is a lot different compared to pregnancy in humans!  A dog’s pregnancy cycle (also known as gestation) only lasts about 9 weeks compared to the 40 weeks for humans.  Therefore, the signs may be a little less obvious in dogs.  This article will teach you about some basic information on reproduction and […]

Hunting Dog Supplies

 Some of the best working dogs are hunting dogs.  These types of dogs require very similar training and equipment as service dogs.  They can be trained for specific tasks and require good equipment and supplies to properly complete their job.  This article will serve as a guide to the best supplies to get for your […]

Living with Dogs When You Have Allergies 

Let’s face it…living with allergies can be a real pain, especially when the allergies are associated with our four-legged friends!  Often, pet owners are allergic to their own pets, but they can’t help but to love them anyway.  This article will go into further detail about pet allergies and some important tips on how to […]

Canine Distemper 

Unfortunately, there are a several bacterial and viral illness that can make your dog very ill.  The good thing is that these diseases are prevented by the annual vaccinations that are recommended by your Veterinarian.  Canine distemper is known as paramyxovirus which starts out as a respiratory illness but will spread to other parts of […]

Top Laid Back Dog Breeds 

There are so many dogs to choose from!  It is important to research dogs which may fit your lifestyle.  If you are looking for a laid-back breed, there are several to consider.  Please continue reading on to learn more about the dogs who align with the “less-active”. English Bulldog – This breed is equipped with […]

Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Do you ever find yourself on a long walk with your dog, only to discover them making several pit stops to eat grass along the way?  If so, we understand why you may be concerned.  For most of the time, your dog may be fine, but there are some cases where your dog’s diet or […]

Dog Foods: Is Fish Better than Meat?  

There are some pet owners out there who have reservations about giving their dog food where the primary protein is derived from fish. Many people wonder how this type of pet food compares to the ones that have meat in them. There are several advantages when it comes to feeding your dog a seafood-based diet. […]

The Best Dog-Friendly Companies

We already know that work is better with a dog by your side! More companies are now going remote, giving employees more time at home with their dog. Being able to bring your dog to work in the office is a huge perk! We have conducted research on some of the best dog-friendly workplaces in […]

Signs of a Jealous Dog & What to Do About It 

According to an official study on animal behavior that focused specifically on jealousy in dogs, they do display envy. If your dog appears to be put out whenever a person, baby, or another dog is around, chances are that they may be experiencing jealousy. There are some specific signs to look out for and the […]

Congenital Deafness  

Did you know that dogs may experience deafness just as us humans do?  It may be a sure sign if you call their name and they do not come to you or shake a treat bag and they do not react.  It may be more common for older dogs to lose their hearing, but what […]