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Getting Rid of Urine Smell from Carpets

Accidents happen!  There is no way around it and we must do our best to remain patient with our pups.  If your dog has an accident indoors, do not panic, even if you are faced with bad carpet odors due to urine.  Of course, you will need to avoid establishing behaviors that create the habit […]

Police Dogs 

Police dogs are some of the hardest working pups with an impressive mission.  These canines are well respected in the working dog world and play a huge role in keeping us safe!  In this article we will talk about the many roles that police dogs can fill, and how they prepare for their time in […]

Help!  My Dog Broke A Nail 

Broken nails are a common injury that dogs experience throughout their lifetime.  Just think about it!  Their paws experience a lot of traction – from carpet and grass to rugged terrain.  It makes sense that their toenails take a hit at times.  So, what do you do when your dog breaks a nail?  Continue reading […]

Interactive Dog Toys 

Interactive dog toys are awesome!  It allows your dour-legged friend to play and have fun while providing mental and physical stimulation.  These types of toys also ease boredom and satisfy indicts.  Much like humans, dogs need mental stimulation and play.  If your dog is anxious or stressed, a good assortment of interactive dog toys may […]

Things to Know If Your Dog Cannot Move Their Tail 

Have you ever noticed your dog’s tail to be limp and close to their body, as if it were broken?  They may be suffering from something known as “limber tail”.  This can also be referred to as dead tail, broken tail, or broken wag.  Rest assured, this is a common condition in working dogs right […]

Spotlight Breed: Schipperke 

Welcome to our Spotlight Breed article of the week!  This is where we feature one of the most interesting dog breeds around the globe.  Today we are excited to spotlight the Schipperke!  Often nicknamed LBD for “little black devil”, this dog comes packed with quite the punch.  They are curious and clever and do their […]

Why Is My Dog Spinning in Circles? 

Have you ever noticed your dog spinning in circles before certain events?  Think about potty time or prior to laying down!  If you are looking for an answer to your dog’s spinning behavior, you are in the right place.  Check out the three reasons below to learn more. Potty Time – Circling is a smart […]

Tuesday’s Treat: Tuna Delights 

Welcome to our Tuesday Treat article of the week!  This is where we feature a healthy and easy dog treat recipe for your four-legged friend.  We are excited to teach you how to make Tuna Delights today!  Be sure to share the recipe with your friends and family so that other doggies can enjoy this […]

Liver Disease in Dogs 

We are all aware of common canine health problems such as dental disease and skin infections.  However, we must keep in mind that there are several less-visible conditions to keep an eye out for.  For example, liver disease is not always easy to recognize with the symptoms that it projects.  Unfortunately, liver disease is listed […]

Why Do Dogs Sneeze When They Play? 

Have you ever noticed your dog sneezing right in the middle of an intense play session?  There are many theories as to why dogs sneeze while playing!  Continue reading to learn more. The first thing to keep in mind is that sneezing to dogs is not very different from people sneezes.  The main reason why […]