How to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping the Yard

How to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping the Yard

A fenced backyard has its perks.  Your pup can roam, sniff interesting smells, and take a nap in the shade.  This is an ideal situation, except for when your dog tries to become a master escape artist.  It can literally take minutes before they escape so it is good to be on your feet!  Do not worry, we are here to help you.

So why do you think your dog may want to explore outside of their territory?  Maybe they are bored and prefer some company.  On the other side, a territorial dog might see something that threatens them, so they try their best to get rid of it.  Finally, there may be some sort of “treasure” on the other side of the fence.  This could be a squirrel, rabbit, or even some sort of dog toy!

There are different ways in which a dog can escape.  Some dogs can jump high and clear a fence.  Other dogs may take an alternate route and dig their way under the fence!  The very smart pups will figure out a way to open the gate.  Trust us, it happens often.  So, what can you do to keep your dog in the yard?  Here is a list that we came up with which will help tremendously!

  1. Build your fence. You can add additional height to your fence, or even create a lean-in or L-footer which will help deter high jumping.
  2. Fill any open areas. Examine the yard to your best potential. Block any hole or flawed areas of the fence.  You can use concrete slabs, bricks, or even plywood if need be.
  3. Add some landscaping. Believe it or not, shrubs and hedges do a good job of deterring pets from trying to jump. Plus, it looks a lot better!
  4. Add some chicken wire. For dogs who love to dig, you can attach chicken wire to the bottom of the fence. This will add an extra deterrent which will prevent them from digging around the area.
  5. Concrete. This will stop the most determined digger.

Please incorporate these tips to safeguard your home.  Don’t allow the escape artist make their way into the neighborhood!