Dogs & Laser Pointers A Dangerous Mix

Dogs & Laser Pointers: A Dangerous Mix

Pet owners love to engage their pets in laser pointers.  While the activity can be a fun source of entertainment and exercise, it is surprisingly dangerous.  In fact, playing with a laser pointer can do more harm than good when it comes to dogs with obsessive tendencies, herding or hunting instincts.  We have compiled a list of the reasons why you should think twice about making this a part of your doggy routine.

  1. Eye damage. Have you heard the rule about not pointing lasers at people for the safety and prevention of eye damage? Well, the same goes for dogs.  A laser beam is highly concentrated and can have a negative impact on the vision of your pets.  Not only that, but with laser play, your pet is at higher risk for an accident as they are moving around so quickly.
  2. Obsession. Dogs who love to hunt or herd are especially susceptible to light obsession. Playing with a laser pointer stimulates natural traits, just like playing with a ball or chew toy does.  The problem is that the dog can never catch the beam of light, thus never receiving a reward.  Believe it or not, obsessive compulsive behavior problems can occur due to this.
  3. Behaviors. This may sound crazy, but if your dog becomes obsessed with the light, they may attack the place the saw it last. Floors, furniture and walls may become victims of the goal to “catch” the red dot.

Here is the bottom line.  It may seem like a fun activity for your pet, but this type of entertainment could create damage.  You may want to seek another option to stimulate your pet’s mind and body.  We recommend a game of fetch, a fun puzzle toy or even learning a new trick.  The possibilities are endless!