Dog Parks Yay or Nay

Dog Parks: Yay or Nay?

Dog parks are a great way for your four-legged friend to get exercise and social interaction.  However, dog parks can also be places where dogs pick up on undesirable social behavior and develop bad etiquette.  We have compiled a list of pros and cons in regards to dog parks below:

The Pros (Yay!) 

  • Safe environment. We use this term loosely which is up to your total discretion.  Top notch dog parks should provide a safe environment for your dog to run and play freely.  Be sure to scope out the entire area to ensure that the safety is truly up to par.
  • Dog parks can be a perfect place where your dog can socialize and learn how to get along with other dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments.
  • Energy burn! Whoa! Talk about an ideal way for your dog to exhaust all of their energy.  They will definitely sleep well after some time at the dog park.
  • Strong communities. Dog parks are a way for pet owners to network with fellow dog parents.
  • Everyone should love dogs. Every person in the dog park should be a dog-lover which is a plus!

The Cons (Nay!) 

  • Escape routes. If the dog park isn’t fully fenced-off, there is a chance that your dog could run off and become lost or hurt.  Remember, not all dog parks provide a safe environment.  We recommend that you visit the dog park on your own to ensure that there are no areas of possible escape.
  • Danger, danger, danger. Believe it or not, dog parks can be very dangerous.  You may witness fights between dogs, or your dog may be attacked by an aggressive breed.  It’s always a risk to frequent the dog park when you don’t know for certain what kind of dogs will be present.
  • Bad habits. Your dog can pick up bad habits like fear, aggression, rough play, and they may begin to ignore commands. It’s kind of like “monkey see, monkey do”, but with dogs.
  • This is a huge risk. Illnesses can be passed from dog to dog, especially if the area is concentrated.  It’s also difficult to know for sure which dogs are current with their vaccinations.

We advise you to weigh out the pros and cons when it comes to taking your dog to a dog park.  Please look into bringing your dog to Doggie Day Camp if you’re seeking a safer alternative.  With a dedicated trained staff, dogs who are required to be up to date on vaccines, and our overall love for dogs, you can’t go wrong!  Plus, you will feel at ease knowing that your furry friend is well taken care of.