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Train Your Dog to Stop Counter Surfing / Stealing Food

Prevent your dog from stealing food (a.k.a. counter surfing) by keeping it out of reach and teach him to “leave it”. Begin teaching your dog what you want him to do: Put a treat on the counter and work at teaching a un-cued “leave it” which is proofed for the duration, different items and whether […]

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Help keep your dog safe and yourself sane while you teach him how to behave by picking up, putting away, blocking and “bittering”. I’ve outlines some typical areas to puppy-proof below. (Hint: Puppy-proofing is very similar to child-proofing) Close the bathroom door and prevent access to rooms which are out of your sight. Secure trash […]

Rattlesnake Tips that could Save Your Dog’s Life

Rattlesnakes live in so many areas and can be a life-threatening danger to dogs of all sizes. But with just a few preventive steps, you can reduce the chances your dog will get bitten and die from a rattlesnake bite! Rattlesnakes are very common the parks and trails that many dog-lovers use for hikes and […]

The all-important recall command

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to chase a dog that plays “keep away” when you are trying to get it to come. Here are a few tips on improving your dog’s response to the come command (commonly called a “recall”). Real world vs. show ring In the show ring, the dogs sit quietly, […]

When dogs play too rough

Roughhousing is part of the fun of being a dog. Playing is a way for dogs to explore their world and to socialize with other animals and people. It is completely normal, safe, and healthy in most cases, but it can become dangerous if it goes too far. Dogs may play-bite, lunge, swipe, and even […]

7 Reasons Why Meeting Dogs on Leash is a Bad Idea

Most people can’t read body language Humans primarily convey ideas and feelings through words, dogs don’t. Much of what we need to know about a dog’s current frame of mind is conveyed through their body language and the various signals they give off at any given moment. Yet most of us are unable to decipher […]

California Laws on Psychiatric Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in Public Places

California law requires most public places to admit service dogs and psychiatric service dogs but not emotional support animals. California law allows persons with disabilities to bring trained service dogs and psychiatric service dogs, but not emotional support animals, to all public places. Several different California laws set out the rights of people with disabilities […]

The Importance of the “Place” Command

Among the handful of standard obedience commands a dog should know, the “place” command is one of the most helpful. What is the “place” command? It could be considered a step above the “stay” command because you’re actually training your dog to “stay” on a specific “thing.” It’s a vital command if you plan to […]

Suffocation in Dogs

(Hypoxia) Suffocation, or hypoxia, occurs when the lungs do not get a sufficient amount of oxygen to pass on to the body’s tissues. What Causes Suffocation? There are a few common emergencies that can cause a dog to suffocate: 1   Choking due to an object or food article lodging in the throat 2   Lung injury […]