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Water Toxicity or Hyponatremia in Dogs

We have all done it… We take our dogs to the park that has a lake, or we bring them to a lake or river or swimming pool… Throw a ball or steak or whatever and that our dogs just go crazy jumping in after that object. What happens when they jump in for that? […]

Summer Heat Pet Safety

Summer is upon us, and many areas are feeling the heat and humidity. Here are a few quick tips on the essentials for keeping all of the animals in your care cool this summer season. First, and foremost make sure all animals have a constant supply of cold fresh water. You can even drop some […]

Pool Safety for Dogs

The pool is an excellent place to spend your summers. There’s the sun, the toys, and refreshing drinks. Oh, and the water. However, pools can dangerous for dogs. Not all dogs are good swimmers and some breeds like the bulldog may even drown if left unsupervised. When possible, train your dog to swim. If you […]

Pet Sitter versus Boarding/Kennel

When you plan a vacation, you can’t always take your pet with you. It’s important to make plans for your pet, so they are well fed and properly taken care of. There are several options, at Hot Dog On A Leash we recommend pet sitting or doggie daycare. With Pet Sitting, you can keep your […]

Rattlesnake Safety For Dogs

From spring through fall, or whenever the weather is temperate, rattlesnake bites are a threat to your dog. Rattlesnakes are classified as pit vipers, so named for the recessed heat sensing organs between the eye and nostril on either side of the head. Rattlesnakes prefer to move under cover, making them common in forests, rocky […]

Why Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Is Important

Trimming your dogs nails may seem like an inconvenience, but it’s actually essential to your dogs overall health. Here is why trimming your dog’s nails is important, and a few different ways that can make process easier for you and your dog. Your dog’s nails continuously grow. In the wild, your dog would naturally wear […]

Prong collars are lifesaving and Humane.

As your dog’s protector and pack leader, it is your responsibility to keep your dog happy. When a dog isn’t getting the structure it needs, he will become frustrated, which can lead to behavior problems. The walk, rules, and boundaries all must be mastered to have a relationship with your dog. The difference between dog […]

Should Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You?

Contrary to the belief of some trainers, I’m comfortable with allowing my dog on my bed. Trainers who oppose dogs on the bed fall into the traditional training, and often, they buy into all the dominance stuff that’s pretty much been discredited by behavioral scientists. Chances are good I would differ with them on many […]

What is Dock Diving?

Dock jumping also known as dock diving is a dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water. There are many dock diving events in the U.S. and other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Dock jumping first appeared in 1997 at […]

Bringing Home A Second Dog

One of the biggest issues a pet owner may face is introducing another dog or puppy into the family. A dog who has had the house and family to himself may not be too crazy to welcome another dog into his den. The initial meeting is important, so you will need to prepare yourselves for […]